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Open House for Breakthrough Innovation: Creating Value in Times of Uncertainty

Title: Breakthrough Innovation: Creating Value in Times of Uncertainty
Date: Tuesday, June 11, 2024
Time: 12 PM EDT
Duration: 60 minutes
Instructor: Blade Kotelly and Michael Davies

There are many societal, political, environmental, digital, and economic factors outside the control of product experts and company leaders that makes conducting business difficult; however, it is within professionals’ control to build solid business strategies that can weather any storm.

Breakthrough Innovation: Creating Value in Times of Uncertainty is a three-day on-campus course designed for product managers, systems engineers, business leaders, and entrepreneurs. Participants will gain the tools and frameworks to drive revenue of existing products and services and to develop new lines of business to support sustainable growth, even amid uncertainty.

At this virtual open house, you will:

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About the Faculty

Blade Kottley

Blade is an innovation and user-experience expert & senior Lecturer at MIT on Design-Thinking and Innovation. Blade provides consulting service in Design-Thinking and helps top brands to innovate radically on their product and services, and teaches corporate teams how to create solutions that customers love.

Michael Davies

Michael A M Davies teaches the engineering and business elements of the Integrated Design and Management (IDM) program at MIT.He is the founder and chairman of Endeavour Partners, a boutique business strategy consulting firm that enables leaders in high-tech businesses and businesses being affected by technology worldwide to create value and drive growth through innovation.


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